Day at Masia Mariona

19/03/2018 12:54 h.

The past 16 of March, celebrated a day-workshop with the aim to define the reintroducció of the triton of the Montseny to his natural habitat.

Within the framework of the Life Tritón Montseny project and with the collaboration of the Forestry Technology Centre of Catalonia, this working day was held to define strategies for reintroducing the species into its natural habitat.

The day began with a brief presentation, defining what has been done so far and what we want to achieve. The 23 attendees were then grouped into three working groups to work on different aspects: management, ecology and knowledge of the amphibian itself.

At the end of the day, a debate was opened to establish the objectives and priority criteria for extending the range of the Montseny newt.

Some of the issues that were worked on during this day were the following:

  • What population strategy is proposed to identify the new places of introduction? Places close to existing populations or maximizing distribution within the potential habitat of the species?
  • What characteristics would these locations have? What pressures and threats should be considered and prevented in the identified localities? What requirements would they have to meet to be considered as priority locations?
  • What characteristics do new populations have to have? What is the minimum number of individuals that should be introduced in each new location? What is the minimum area of intervention to maintain a viable population?

All these actions were the subject of debate. We hope that throughout the implementation of the Life Tritón Montseny project, these can be resolved in order to improve the conservation status of this endemic amphibian of Montseny.