Montseny Newt Newsletter

Networking Life

30/08/2019 11:25 h.

Networking between two Life projects related to amphibians: Lifewetflyamphibia and Life Aunwauen amphibiant at the Foreste Casentinesi Parco Nazionale, in Tuscany.


On August 2019, the Life Tritó Montseny technical coordinator went to Italy, to meet two life projects for amphibians, which aim at the conservation of species and their habitats within the framework of LIFE projects.

This meeting allowed to create future opportunities in the conservation of the montseny newt, as well as the establishment of relations between projects and policies for the conservation of amphibians and their habitats.

The representatives of the three projects participated actively in this event, sharing the progress and impacts of each project. This networking made it possible to share objectives, and to pool capacities and efforts, laying the foundations for carrying out more far-reaching projects consistent with the conservation of species and their habitats.