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The President visits Torreferrussa

16/11/2018 20:25 h.

Today the President visited the Torreferrussa Breeding Centre, a facility managed by Forestal Catalana. 

The companions of the Centre of Fauna of Torreferrussa, (Generalitat de Catalunya), have received the visit of the Mr. Joaquim Torra i Pla. They have been able to show him the new facilities of the breeding center of the newt of Montseny.

The new room (70 m2) of the breeding centre contains 240 new aquariums, in addition to the old existing facility (30 m2), which already had 100 aquariums. This has meant a threefold increase in existing capacity. The extension of the space allows the generation of new pairs that lay around 40 eggs a year, of which around 50% prosper.

The Torreferrussa Fauna Centre currently houses 900 specimens of Montseny's newt of the two existing genetic varieties, the eastern and the western. It has been promoting a captive breeding programme for the endemic species since 2007, and in 2013 the Barcelona Zoo was added for captive breeding of the eastern variety, and the Pont de Suert Fauna Centre for captive breeding of the western variation. Both, with specimens originating from Torreferrussa.