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The project visits Ecuador

21/02/2020 01:24 h.

Felix Amat presents from Life Tritó Montseny in "El Jardín de los Sueños" (Ecuador)

The project was presented on February 12th at the facilities of "El Jardín de los Sueños". The talk was given by Felix Amat, an external collaborator of Life Tritó Montseny and a specialist herpetologist.

The "Garden of Dreams" is a project for the conservation of the tropical forests of the province of Cotopaxi (Ecuador). It is maintained through the purchase of farms and their management towards eco-tourism, which at the same time allows the local population to become more dynamic. The mission is to restore, conserve and value the natural heritage, as well as to promote the correct use of natural resources by the people who live there. The main objective is the conservation of what is left of the low altitude Ecuadorian forest of the Chocó.

The presentation was attended by six students from the University of Navarra who were on the premises of "The Garden of Dreams". They were doing volunteer work around the problems of the use of water from the streams by the inhabitants of the municipality of Laureles de Guasaganda.

After the presentation of the Life Tritó Montseny project, a space for debate was opened between Felix Amat and the attendees. It was concluded that despite the differences between the Chocó forest and the Mediterranean Montseny forest, there are similar problems with regard to water resource management.