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Evolution of the project Life Tritó Montseny


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Ecosystem services

07/06/2019 13:11 h.

From 3 to 5 June, we attended the environmental training for the managers of the "Biosphere Reserves"

During three days, managers of several Spanish Biosphere Reserves attended the training "Methodologies for the evaluation of environmental services to Biosphere Reserves". The meeting was organized by the Centro de Extensión Universitaria y Divulgación Ambiental de Galicia (CEIDA) and took place in Porto de Santa Cruz-Oleiros (A Coruña), from 3 to 5 June.

The coordination was in charge of Mateo Aguado of the Socio-Ecosystems Laboratory of the Department of Ecology of the Autonomous University of Madrid.

On Monday 3 June, at 4 p.m., Carlos Vales Vázquez (Director of CEIDA) welcomed the attendees. Afterwards, Natalia Beltrán presented the course and announced the programme for the three days. The first presentation was given by Mateo Aguado, who presented the management of ecosystem services in times of global change and an introduction to the assessment of ecosystem services. The attendees then presented the most outstanding characteristics of the Biosphere Reserves in which they were working.


Presentation of the Montseny Biosphere Reserve


During the morning of Tuesday 4 June, a series of conferences were held by experts in ecosystem services: Alberto González García, Mateo Aguado Caso and César Agustín López (Socio-Ecosystems Laboratory of the Department of Ecology of the Autonomous University of Madrid) and María Alló (Department of Economics of the University of A Coruña).

In the afternoon, three workshops were held: "Ecosystem services for decision making: Burkhard's matrix method", "Socio-cultural assessment based on visual perceptions: characterization of social actors and valuation of ecosystem services" and "Participatory assessment of ecosystem services: a method for community-based socio-ecological land management".

Wednesday 5 June was devoted to presenting case studies on the evaluation of ecosystem services in several Spanish Biosphere Reserves. It was in this space that Jordina Grau presented the Life Tritó Montseny project and specifically the experience lived in relation to ecosystem services (Action D7: Socio-economic impact of the project).

Montseny Biosphere Reserve. Conservation of an endemism

At the end of the day, Natàlia Beltrán, Juan Martínez and Susana Ramírez provided the conclusions of the course and the proposals for action within the Spanish Network of Biosphere Reserves, with an evaluation of the course and a final farewell.



Santa Cruz de Oleiros. Photo: file XPN.


María Alló's conference. Photo: file XPN.


Course participants. Photo: file XPN.