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Project of conservation of an only species to the world

Evolution of the project Life Tritó Montseny


1st Meeting of Hydrologists

13/11/2018 14:37 h.

Last Thursday, November 8, in Masía Mariona, was held the first meeting of the Hydrologists committee, made up of researchers from several entities.

As a result of the first meeting of the committee of experts of the Life Tritó Montseny project, the need arose to create a technical working group to study the hydrogeology of the Montseny Natural Park. The first working day took place on this day. It was animated by Annelies Broekman and Anabel Sánchez, members of CREAF. The objectives planned for this meeting were as follows:

  • To get to know the hydrogeological dynamics of the Montseny massif.
  • To establish a hydrological monitoring programme.
  • To watch over the sustainable use of water.

Apart from defining a working group, the lines of work had to be defined and planned in order to be able to carry out the research projects and agree on a model that defines the hydrological dynamics of Montseny.


Program of the day:


  Registration of participants and delivery of documentation.  


  Welcome by PN-RB Montseny.


  Presentation of the day's agenda.


  Presentation researchers and exhibition areas of experts.  


  Coffee break.


  Session 1: Montseny Hidrogeology Block.



14.30- 15.30

  Session 2: Connectivity Block .


  Session 3: Block Impact of uses.


  Closing of the session and roadmap.