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Gypsum newts

06/06/2022 11:27 h.

The municipality of Montseny hosted a family workshop to make newts

On Saturday 4 June, as part of the free activities commemorating the European Day of Parks and Nature Week 2022, the village of Montseny hosted a family workshop to make plaster newts from Montseny. The activity, led by Ademc, was very well received and brought together around twenty people.

During the workshop, participants first weighed the dry plaster, added the right amount of water and, once the mixture was ready, put it into a silicone mould. Once it has dried and been removed from the mould, each participant decides how to paint it and then takes home their brand new decorated Montseny triton.

In addition to making the chalk newt, during the development of the proposal, participants were explained both the characteristics of this endemic species and the threats to its conservation, for example, the problem of diseases affecting amphibians. The environmental educators emphasised that amphibians cannot be touched directly with the hands because of the serious diseases that currently affect this group of fauna.