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Evolution of the project Life Tritó Montseny


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Networking in Italy

30/08/2019 11:25 h.

At the end of August, we visited Tuscany to get to know two amphibian conservation projects

From 29 to 31 August 2019, the technical coordinator of the Life Tritó Montseny project travelled to Italy, specifically to Foreste Casentinesi Parco Nazionale. The aim was to get to know the amphibian conservation projects Lifewetflyamphibia and Life Aunwauen Amphibian and also the Life GoProFor based on the good practices of the Life projects. All of them are aimed at the conservation of species and their habitats.

This meeting opens up new opportunities for the future regarding the conservation of the Montseny newt, as well as the establishment of relations between projects with similar policies for the conservation of amphibians and their habitats.

During the three days that the Networking lasted, technical meetings and several field trips were carried out in order to be able to visit the actions carried out within the framework of these Life projects.


A visit to Vitareta's performances took place on 29 August. Photo: XPN file


On August 30th the interventions of the Adriatic zone were visited. Photo: XPN file


The representatives of the three projects actively participated in this event, combining the results and impacts of each experience. This networking allowed to share objectives, add capacities and efforts, creating the basis for future projects related to the conservation of species and their habitats..