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Evolution of the project Life Tritó Montseny


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Life Trito Montseny Press conference

23/02/2017 12:09 h.

This February has taken place the presentation of the project Life Trito of the Montseny (Calotriton arnoldi) at the Barcelona Zoo

The Diputació de Barcelona, the Generalitat de Catalunya (through the Department of Territory and Sustainability and Forestal Catalana), the Diputació de Girona and the Zoo of Barcelona are the project's partners.

This project, coordinated by the Barcelona Provincial Council, aims to improve the conservation status of amphibians and their riverside habitat and will last four years, until December 2020. The project, with a budget of EUR 2.97 million, 60% of which comes from the European Union and the remaining 40% from the partners, was presented at the Barcelona Zoo (where there is an amphibian breeding centre), by representatives of the different institutions and organisations involved.
This amphibian (Calotriton arnoldi) is a critically endangered species listed by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and is one of the two most endangered amphibians in Europe, along with a frog endemic to the Greek island of Karpathos (Pelophylax cerigensis). Along these lines, the Life Trito del Montseny project seeks to improve the conservation status of amphibians and their riverbank habitat.