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Museu Etnològic del Montseny. La Gabella

Workshop for gypsum tritons

06/06/2019 16:35 h.

In the framework of the European Day of Parks, on 2 June, the workshop "We make a newt of plaster" was held

Coinciding with the exhibition ''My name is Calotriton and I only live in Montseny'', from the Ethnological Museum of the Montseny large and small were invited to the workshop for the elaboration of plaster tritons. From a mould in the shape of the Montseny newt, the participants were able to create their own plaster newt. Once dried and painted, each participant was able to take it home.

Gypsum triton. Photo: Museu Etnològic del Montseny. The Gabella


The workshop started at 11 a.m. and ended at 2 p.m. The twenty participating families had the opportunity to visit the temporary exhibition of the Ethnological Museum of Montseny, which held an open day.

This workshop was part of the set of activities included in the European Day of the Parks.


The production of yesi newts is part of the material included in the programme "El Montseny en la escuela", specifically in the didactic unit "El Montseny y el agua" (Montseny and water), intended for pupils in the middle cycle of primary school. Within the framework of the Life Tritó Montseny project, the educational programme within the Montseny Natural Park and Biosphere Reserve (included in the Natura 2000 Network) corresponds to action E10.