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Escola Carulla

Gypsum tritons

11/11/2019 14:50 h.

The pupils of Escola Carulla have their debut in the programme "El Montseny a l'escola"

Last Friday, November 8, the boys and girls of the fourth cycle of the Escola Carulla made the first exit of "El Montseny a l'escola".

They began with a field trip to discover the trees of the riverside forest. The monitors of the Museu de la Gabella who accompanied the students and were able to explain to them which were ideal habitats for the Montseny newt. Once the outing in the field was over, all the girls and boys could do a plaster newt workshop and once it had dried, they could paint it.

The result of the experience was very positive. You can see the pad of the Escola Carulla in the following link.




"El Montseny a l'escola" is an environmental education programme that aims to bring the Montseny Natural Park and Biosphere Reserve (included in the Natura 2000 Network) closer to the local population. It is aimed at primary schools in the municipalities that make up the protected area.

The basic objective of the programme is to create an educational resource that is useful and compatible with the school curriculum and to contribute to the fact that primary school pupils know their immediate surroundings, appreciate their heritage, are aware that the environment is sensitive to human action and actively participate in its conservation and improvement.

Another objective of the programme is that it can serve as a platform for sharing work and experiences between schools in the municipalities of the Park, environmental educators and the managers of the Park. This resource is also intended to promote the quality of the educational programmes that are developed.

Although this programme has been designed so that any primary school can use all or part of the teaching material, it is aimed especially at primary schools in the municipalities that make up the Montseny Natural Park and Biosphere Reserve. In this sense, in order to carry out the activities, the schools adhered to the programme have the support of the managing body of the Park and of environmental education entities with extensive educational experience in the area of the protected natural space.

The programme "El Montseny a l'escola" has been drawn up on a pedagogical basis. It has been promoted by the managers of the Park and has been elaborated through a work process that has had the active participation of environmental educators who work and know the Montseny, experts in didactics, teachers and technicians of the Park.