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LIFE15 NAT/ES/000757

Project of conservation of an only species to the world


B Purchase actions

Progress of actions B:



B. Purchase/lease of land and/or compensation for use rights

B.1 Purchase of land or compensation for use rights, where there are Montseny newt populations with obvious threats

Operational objective 3. Eliminate or minimize threats to the riverbank habitat present in the Montseny newt range

In order to ensure the conservation and proper management of the habitat of the Montseny newt, it is proposed to purchase certain privately owned land (because private interests do not go in the same direction as determined by Life Triton Montseny) or because they are in danger of deteriorating and there is no possibility of improving their state of conservation. The alternative to the purchase, in the event that the owner does not agree, would be compensation for the rights of use, to prevent the exploitation of the habitat to be conserved.


Photo: XPN Archive.


B.2. Implementation of land stewardship agreements with private owners

Operational objective 3. Eliminate or minimize threats to the distribution areas of the Montseny newt to the riverbank habitat

The custody of the territory is a strategy that seeks to generate responsibilities between the owners and the managing body of a natural space, as would be the case with PN-RB Montseny, to conserve and use in a sustainable and respectful manner the natural, cultural and landscape resources and values. Within the framework of Life Triton Montseny, the custody of the territory will focus basically on improving the habitat of the Montseny newt and the good use of water.


Photo: XPN Archive.