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LIFE15 NAT/ES/000757

Project of conservation of an only species to the world


Diputació de Girona

The Diputació de Girona is, together with the Diputació de Barcelona, co-manager of the Montseny PN-RB. One of the lines of action undertaken and common to both the park and the Life project is the promotion of environmental education. In this sense, one of the most successful programs of the Montseny GNP-RB is the environmental education program  "El Montseny a l'escola". It is aimed at primary school pupils in the public schools of the Montseny National Park, with the main objective of bringing Montseny closer to the local population and generating a feeling of belonging to the territory. Open and flexible in nature, it is committed to the participatory dimension, involving the entire educational community. The programme is developed thanks to the participation of both educational centres and environmental education centres in the Montseny GNP-BP, promoting the networking of educational agents, the park's management team and local authorities. The programme is based on an innovative pedagogical approach that combines sustainability education with competence education. The program is implemented over the three primary education cycles. Each cycle develops its own thematic axis, structured around knowledge of the natural, social and cultural environment. Specifically, in the middle cycle, the Montseny newt is used as a thread and illustrates the problems related to the water cycle. The didactic unit is based on conflict resolution methodology and develops knowledge of the species and its habitat, the construction of scientific models of the ecosystem and water cycle and the problems associated with water use, from local and global perspectives.