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Project of conservation of an only species to the world



Evolution of the project Life Tritó Montseny


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Day of Networking to Vallcebre

18/10/2018 16:06 h.

On Wednesday 17 October we visited the colleagues of the Institute for Environmental Diagnosis and Water Studies (IDAEA).

Installation of the panels

15/10/2018 13:50 h.

Already have finished the new informative panels of the project Life Triton Montseny. In three languages: Catalan, Spanish and English.


EAZA Annual Conference in Athens

25/09/2018 13:25 h.

During the days 18-22 September, the city of Athens hosted the annual conference of EAZA

Aïda Tarragó Exposes the project Life Triton Montseny

Herpetology congress

12/09/2018 02:45 h.

We presented the Life Tritó Montseny project at the XIX Spanish Herpetology Congress, with Aïda Tarragó.

Herpetologists from Chester Zoo visit us

31/08/2018 02:10 h.

On August 2 we received the visit of herpetologists from the Chester Zoo, specialists in amphibians.

New information brochure

02/07/2018 13:16 h.

To finals of June went out to the light the new information brochure. Published in Catalan, Spanish and English, it will serve to disseminate the project.

Inauguration to the Zoo of Barcelona

29/06/2018 02:00 h.

The Zoo of Barcelona inaugurates a new installation for the conservation of the triton of the Montseny.

The new centre of breeds of Bridge of Suert

18/06/2018 02:11 h.

The Friday 15 of June, the Centre of recovery of wild fauna of Bridge of Suert inaugurated the installation.

Inauguration of the new installation of Torreferrussa

14/06/2018 13:16 h.

Torreferrussa threefold the capacity of the installations of breeds in captivity of the triton of the Montseny!



Present the project to the ESPARC 2018

28/05/2018 13:03 h.

We presented the project in the frame of the Congress ESPARC 2018, celebrated in the National Park of Picos de Europa.

We open exhibition!

17/05/2018 12:22 h.

With the title "My name is Calotriton and only live to the Montseny!", the past 16 of May inaugurated the exhibition of the project Life Tritó Montseny.


Final congress of the Life TRivers

04/05/2018 11:51 h.

The days 3 and 4 of May celebrated the congress of cloenda of the Life TRivers, four years after his start. 

Showing 109 - 120 of 144 results.


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