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LIFE15 NAT/ES/000757

Project of conservation of an only species to the world


Objective six

Objective 6:  To Involve and engage stakeholders in the conservation of riparian habitats, their biodiversity and specifically, of the Montseny brook newt


At least 4 articles published in journals of impact and 10 publications or articles. At least 15 lectures or presentations. Participation in at least 4 international conferences. 50,000 visits to the website. Publish the ten commandments of good practice and commitment from a minimum of 10 professionals in the field of Montseny, to implement them. Life Montseny project presentation in 90% of the municipalities in Montseny PN-RB. Active participation in educational programmes (min. 12 schools and colleges). A 90% response to requests for information or documentation. Have records and satisfaction surveys carried out during workshops.

Photo: File XPN.