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LIFE15 NAT/ES/000757

Project of conservation of an only species to the world


Barcelona Zoo

The Barcelona Zoo is an educational park, sensitizer, pioneer and referent in the Mediterranean and involved in the task of working to reduce global threats to biodiversity and promoting sustainability, whose mission is research, conservation of endangered species and education and dissemination. The Barcelona Zoo is particularly interesting for the conservation of native fauna; it is currently participating in the recovery plans for the Mediterranean turtle (Testudo hermanni), the stream turtle (Mauremys leprosa) or the Ferreret (Alytes muletensis). He also participates in the restoration of degraded habitats such as the Pineda del Remolar to the Llobregat Delta, near Barcelona, where thanks to the zoo's participation in the restoration of ponds, two amphibian species have been able to return for many years.

The Zoo, since 2013, maintains a breeding centre for the Montseny newt, which is beginning to bear fruit, since November 2014,34 larvae and sub-adults were reintroduced into its natural environment of mountain steams. We are sure that these reintroductions will be a first step in the zoo's participation in the progressive recovery of the population of newts in the Montseny area. The Barcelona Zoo established a collaboration agreement with the beneficiary partners: Diputación de Barcelona and Diputación de Girona, to collaborate in the environmental education program of these institutions to preserve the Montseny newt and its habitat. The Zoo's commitment is to provide a guided tour of the schools participating in this program, which are located within the park.


Photo: Manel Areste.

For more information, visit the the zoo page dedicated to Life Triton Montseny