LIFE15 NAT/ES/000757

Project of conservation of an only species to the world

Evolution of the project Life Tritó Montseny


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Brook newt from Montseny to Chester

04/04/2017 09:25 h.

The United Kingdom joins the Montseny brook newt breeding programme: 24 endangered species have moved to the Chester Zoo.


Presentation of the project

03/04/2017 16:37 h.

The 30 of March took place the presentation of the project Life Triton Montseny. The act realised to the venue Mariona (Mosqueroles) and assisted all the personnel involved in the project.

Technical conference in Santa Perpetua de la Mogoda

28/03/2017 11:08 h.

A technical day for the conservation of the Montseny newt took place at the Wild Fauna Recovery Centre in Torreferrussa.

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Communication Plan

15/03/2017 09:52 h.

The Life Tritó Montseny Communication Plan is approved as part of the awareness actions. The aim is to achieve an effective communication policy.



Life Trito Montseny Press conference

23/02/2017 12:09 h.

This February has taken place the presentation of the project Life Trito of the Montseny (Calotriton arnoldi) at the Barcelona Zoo


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Life Tritó Montseny Graphic image

07/02/2017 12:33 h.

The new graphic image of Life Trito Montseny is approved. The result is an attractive logo with great communicative power.


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First visit from the external monitor of NEEMO

30/01/2017 09:38 h.

Life Tritó Montseny receives her first visit from the NEEMO agency monitor. Conducted an evaluation of the first few months of project management.


Day as part of the BeWater project

24/01/2017 01:57 h.

On 23 January, in Sant Celoni, Daniel Guinart presented the Life Tritó Montseny in a framework of a conference organised by the heads of the BeWater project.



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IX Meeting of studious of the Montseny

21/11/2016 09:42 h.

The first presentation of the Life Tritó Montseny project was made within the framework of the IXth Meeting of studious of the Montseny.


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First steps of the project

03/10/2016 09:40 h.

The Life Trito Montseny project began in the last quarter of 2016 with the signature of the grant agreement by Mr. Jesús Calderer, deputy of Natural Spaces.


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Start of the Life Trito Montseny project

01/09/2016 09:36 h.

The European Commission approves the Life Tritó Montseny project (LIFE15 NAT/ES/000757) as part of the LIFE Program 2015 call for proposals.



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